Olivia Silvagni, retired - founder of Heritage Realty Company

Olivia Silvagni Nevada Real Estate Commission ID 1977
Nevada real estate luminary Olivia Silvagni, was one of the first female realtors in Nevada to be appointed to the Nevada Real Estate Advisory Commission. She was founder of the Heritage Realty Company and has since retired after an illustrious career, passing on the reins of the family business to her daughter, Gina.

Olivia was born in Oklahoma during that tumultous closing year of the roaring twenties which ushered in the life-changing events of the great Oklahoma Dustbowl. She came to Las Vegas to seek a better life and accomplished her goal. Working with her husband, Michael and her father-in-law, she forged the strong link between the heritage of the Silvagni family and the exciting new emerging city of Las Vegas.

Olivia's father-in law, P.O. Silvagni, had purchased land on the corner of 2nd and Fremont Street and built the first fully air-conditioned hotel in Las Vegas in 1929. Thanks to the wisdom and foresight of Olivia and her father in-law, the Silvagni family still owns that property and continues operation of the family-owned Heritage Realty Company.

When Olivia started selling real estate in 1970, the top price for executive homes was $25,000.  Today, a median priced home averages $325,000!